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A brooding demigod. A young magician. A race to restore magic to the lands.

Mirolah wants a quiet life, but the villagers in her town will kill her if they discover the truth. She is a magical threadweaver, the first to surface in three hundred years.

Long bereft of magic, the human lands are dying. Humans are devolving, and their culture is crumbling. Their legendary protector, the demigod Wildmane, has given up on them.

When a monster sent for Mirolah slays her adopted sister instead, Mirolah is pulled into a quest to bring Wildmane out of his self-imposed exile and restore magic to the lands.  Undead threadweavers rise to stop her and cage Wildmane. To beat them, she must learn more about herself and threadweaving than she thought possible, more than the greatest threadweavers of a bygone age. And she must do it quickly…

upcoming releases

​threadweavers trilogy:

Wildmane - May 15, 2018

​The GodSpill - June 19, 2018

Threads of Amarion - July 17, 2018


The Undying Man - September 18, 2018

The Heroes Councilroom:

Charlie Fiction - December 2018

The Wishing world:

The Hate Man - Spring 2019

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