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Doolivanti’s Fear:
The Sun Doolivanti. If you touch the Sun Doolivanti, you would disintegrate.

How Doolivanti Would Triumph Over Their Fear:
By going to steal the Sunset Pearl from the Sun Doolivanti and destroying the Sunset Pearl, destroying the Sun Doolivanti (The Fire Phoenix destroyed the Sunset Pearl by heating it so hot it burst). 

Doolivanti Powers:
Set things or people on fire. Heat things very hot. He can heat things over 50,000 degrees. He can also extinguish fires as easy as snapping his fingers.

Doolivanti Description/Adventures:
This Doolivanti was scared and weak. He wanted his colorful world back because the Sun Doolivanti had turned it all yellow gray. Fire was scared, but with the help of her friends, he came to the Sun Doolivanti's lair and secretly stole the Sunset Pearl. Then he destroyed it by heating it over 100,000 degrees. After, he finally gained confidence and bravery.

Doolivanti’s Fear:
Being blind, Tara seems shy and unimportant on the outside. People treat her as if she wouldn’t mind or even realize others talking, joking or even using her disabilities against her. Others think that having a disability means you’re numb in a certain way. They think you don’t notice being pointed at or if they take your books and throw them over the fence. The truth is, a blind person doesn’t mean a blind soul. In fact, Tara or other blind people notice much more at times than ones with sight. They use the other senses they still have much more than regulars with sight. But soon Tara’s disabilities to her only seem as a blockage to the outside world, a boulder in the road that leads to enjoying life. And so instead of taking her blindness by the hand and coping with it, Tara tries to fight it off, tries to be someone else, but that was the worst thing she could do. Many people in this world have to suffer fears like spiders, snakes, the dark, losing others. But Tara’s fear was something different, something by far more dangerous; the fear of fear itself. She wanted to be bold and normal like others, finally live her life, but that fear of the fear lingers in her soul, waiting to pounce on its prey, lurking, watching for the right moment. 

How Doolivanti Would Triumph Over Their Fear:
Tara would finally accept who she is and how she is blind. Because through the course of the adventure, she is asked by other characters to talk to other souls. But the problem is, Tara notices that it is not her blindness that is her greatest enemy; no, her worst rival is her fear. But in order to use her powers and talk to and through souls, she needs to overcome and get rid of this fear, or otherwise her power will be trapped inside of her by the look of fear. The key is to overcome it. 

Doolivanti Powers:
Although Tara is blind to the outside world, she can see something by far more important than what our regular eyes have danced with every time a normal child takes a glance. For the outside world often disguises itself as a soul filled with generosity, kindness and a good heart, but if you pull the disguise, wipe away the makeup, you will soon find that such was not what your eyes shook hands with at first acquaintance. You will soon known that sometimes the world and all its rotten spots take advantage of your innocence and use it against you. Really, innocence is a little like a power, with your innocence in your soul. You only have eyes for beauty, and your tongue may only speak with words of phrase. In other words, innocence is like the sugar in the cake. But every innocent soul will one day have to stand face-to-face with hatred and disgust in person. 

But one thing that can’t put on a disguise, one particular thing that is bound to only talk the truth, that which reveals far more than just some blurry words is the soul. And that is Tara’s gift. She can look and talk to people’s souls. It is giving up one for another. Even though Tara’s eyes will be covered by the blind fold of disability forevermore. The “eyes” inside of her are by far more than wide open to other people’s souls. So, dear reader, I ask you, seeing the world around you, at times covered by a disguise only to reveal tricky ugliness and lies, or a set of eyes that only see and talk to people’s souls which, even if the owner doesn’t want to, only speak pure truth. What would you choose?

Doolivanti Description/Adventures:
When blind 12-year-old Tara enters the magical world of the Doolivanti, she is absolutely thrilled when she notices that the other characters don’t seem to notice that she’s blind. And she tries to be someone she’s not, pushing her blindness aside. Tara thought being treated like every other “person” would make her feel less lonely, the truth is it only made her feel even more segregated than in the regular world, for she has to hid something that has always been and always will be part of her. Tara doesn’t even notice that she has found a gateway to a whole new dimension. Nor does she notice that she is being surrounded by creatures that would be filed as “mythical” in the Earth world.

One thing Tara has always seemed to see as a friend is water. For this element never really does anything, it just sits there and watches the sun rise over her duty and the moon pass to bewonder his reflection in the water. But when forsay, something tries to touch it, play with it, the water feels an urge to join and starts rippling in delight. But the water never judges. It never protests. It only reflects. Because water can be like a soul, even if you may wish to look inside of it and see a beautiful or handsome figure without troubles, rich and pure, the water won’t lie. Look inside and you only se yourself, your true self.

And one night, one especially lonely night, Tara wanders to a nearby pond and sits at its bay. Even being blind, Tara can sense the beauty. And then it happens, Tara starts whispering gently to the lake, talking about her blindness, her fear and her confusion. Just as Tara is ready to return to the camp with others, she hears a faint whispering.

Soon after it reveals that a creature half-mole, half-human and a quarter elf lives under the pond. He is a master and suffers from the same blindness. This master: WangFinShu, teaches Tara to use her powers and trains her to overcome her fear. He shows her how to see into and speak to other souls. As well as revealing Tara’s dark history and connection with the Ink King. As well as controlling her powers.

​the doolivanti diary contest - WINNERS


Powell Middle School

Teacher - Lauri Hamill

Doolivanti’s Fear:
Not doing something right.

How Doolivanti Would Triumph Over Their Fear:
She would get all nervous and blend in with the walls. 

Doolivanti Powers:
She has the power to talk to insects with a special flute (she always wears a mask). She has the power of transportation.

Doolivanti Description/Adventures:
She helps Lorelei find her family and fight the Ink King. She loses her flute. Lorelei helps her find her flute.

Doolivanti Tara Schliff



Denver Jewish Day School

Teacher - Patrick Sawyer

Fire Phoenix (nickname: Fire)


Mackintosh Academy

Teacher - Heather Thomas

Todd Fahnestock

2nd place winner

3rd place winner

Butterfly Protector