Todd Fahnestock

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Todd was born in Culver City, California, the middle child of a sign painter

and a New Age mom. His father has a Herculean work ethic, and his mother is magic. She taught him that perspective changes your world, which is why he writes stories about heroes and hope.


A true Gen Xer, Todd navigated his parents’ divorce and subsequent poverty when he was fourteen, leaping into a series of (mis) adventures. Jumping from job to job, he hitchhiked across the country. He has been a Price Club cashier in Long Beach, a video arcade attendant in Durango, and an investment banking Powerpoint operator in New York City. He has waited tables in Colorado Springs, hung safety cables for crack-inspection teams inside oil tankers in Portland, and helped raise millions of dollars for diabetes nonprofits in Denver.


While attending The Colorado College in 1993, Todd published his first two short stories in TSR's Dragonlance anthologies. In 1997, he began writing with Giles Carwyn, published another couple of short stories and won the New York Books for the Teen Age award for True Love (Or the Many Brides of Prince Charming). In 2006, Todd and Giles wrote HEIR OF AUTUMN under HarperCollins’ Eos imprint and followed with MISTRESS OF WINTER and QUEEN OF OBLIVION. The writing team finished the Heartstone Trilogy in 2008 and Todd moved on to solo projects, publishing FAIRMIST in 2015 and THE WISHING WORLD in 2016.

THE WISHING WORLD II: LOREMASTER continues the adventures of Lorelei and her brother Theron in the magical Wishing World, where children become their own heroes. It will be released on November 28, 2017.

He is currently working on Charlie Fiction, a love story about a ghost and an amnesiac time traveler who is determined to save the world. 


Todd's greatest accomplishments are his children, his marriage and his novels. He is passionate about family, friends, stories, adventure, and Colorado.

Todd Fahnestock is the author of the bestselling novels

The Wishing World, Fairmist, Heir of Autumn, and Mistress of Winter.