"I was caught from paragraph one to the very end... Who needs sleep, or food, or a job after all?"

"...what we get at the end is unexpected and so much more than we hope for!"

"This is the type of story that you finish and want to read again."

"Caught my attention from the first page and quickly became a compulsion."

"What a mind bender..."

"...a fascinatingly unreliable narrator."

"...a crazy plot twist at the end that you will never see coming."

Todd Fahnestock

An amnesiac time traveler. A vengeful ghost. A race to save humanity. 

Daniel has jumped back in time to save the world. Seven years from now, his best friend Vincent will slaughter 99.9% of the world's population in the Husk Wars.  

But Vincent wasn't always a killer. His hunger for power began at a pivotal moment in his youth when he and Daniel killed a young woman named Charlie Fiction.

Now, hobbled by his incomplete memory and face-to-face with Charlie's ghost, Daniel must escape Vincent's lightning minions, stop a planet-wide genocide, and uncover the shocking truth about himself... © 2014 | All Rights Reserved