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The life of a 6th grader is pretty standard. You know, go to class. Do your homework. Watch a Starfield patch growing on the soccer field. Avoid the Tasting Tulip growing in the girl’s bathroom.

Yep. The Wishing World is leaking into Earth, and I’m the reason. It’s not like I wanted to rip a hole in the sky last year. It know...happened. I thought the Wishing World would return to normal after I left, but obviously I was wrong.

That’s happening a lot lately.

Oh, and the Ink King’s back. Did I mention? Remember before, when he stole my parents and wouldn’t give them back? Now he’s stolen my best friends, turned them into creeper-deeper Doolivanti wizards, and sent them after me like a pack of wolves.

I’m sorry, but where did he get the power to do that?

Yeah. I need to find that out. And I tried to get my friend Gruffy to help me, but no. Gruffy got captured. And Pip got captured. And my brother. EVERYbody got captured, except me, Squeak, and our new friend, Princess Split-Personality. Okay, so she’s the Fire Princess, but she is literally two people, and you never know which one is going to pop out.

The Ink King has the upper hand this time. How do I beat him with broken powers that rip the sky? All I have to help me is a riddle: Be the Loremaster. What does that even mean? I don’t know, but I’m going to figure it out. I have to, or I’ll never see my brother or my friends again.


Todd Fahnestock

“What a rollicking blend of fantasy and adventure, sorrow and triumph, and the beauty and power of Story. Buckle up for one wild ride of a quest. A ripping good tale.”

-Darby Karchut, best-selling author of FINN FINNEGAN and THE HOUND AT THE GATE