Todd Fahnestock

Taking It One Book at a Time

​​"The Wishing World made me feel young and carefree again. It took my imagination to places it hasn't been in years. Every page was a twist in the adventure and it didn't stop until the end."

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Smack Dab in the Middle

​​​​"I instantly fell in love. This imaginative, addictive story is sure to sweep your young reader off his or her feet. (And if you decide to make this one a family read-aloud, I guarantee you'll be swept away, too...)"

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She Dreams in Fiction

​​"The Wishing World is a fantastic ride that is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of readers young and old with its wondrous creatures, lush landscapes, brave heroine, and magical spirit!"

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Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

​​​​"It was one fascinating rush of a read! Filled with all the magical characters you can stand, and capturing so much within its words while leaving mountains still left to explore."

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"It's fun, it's fast-paced, it's inventive, it's amusing, and it's well worth reading even if you're not middle-grade! I look forward to Todd Fahnestock's next work with warm anticipation!"
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the wishing world - reviews

Mama Reads Blog

​​​​"A world of secrets and sacrifices, growth and truth, this is not a journey one may take lightly, but it will remain with (readers) forevermore.  I will absolutely be adding this to our daughter’s library right alongside some other fantastic adventure novels with talking beasts and brave young women."

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Sabrina's Paranormal Palace

​​​​"I read this book in one sitting as I just needed to know what was going to happen next. There isn't one thing I could find wrong with this book and my niece who is 8 has just started reading it and is loving it also. I highly recommend this book."

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Books Are Love

​​​​"A great entertaining and imaginative story that will have you laugh and smile your way to the end which comes to quickly.

I look forward to getting this for my niece and having her be entertained and taken to a new exciting world."
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​​"I love this book so much. Right as I started reading it, I was thinking about the book the whole day. I loved how the book ended with a cliffhanger. There were so many surprises."
-Mylee (Age 8)

"The Wishing World just got me up and out of my chair! It felt like I was soaring on the incredible adventure with Gruffy, Ripple, Lorelei, Pip, and Squeak. The adventure is so exciting I didn't want it to end. I loved it!"

-Georgia (Age 9)

The Wishing World is an amazing book full of wonderfully wild characters. Once you get sucked in, it is impossible to get out until the very last page. Even when you weren't reading it, your mind was still in Veloran for the entire day. I recommend this book to everyone! Love this book to pieces."
-Malaika (Age 12)

"It was a little dramatic, but full of magic and imagination! I love it! Every single detail matters! Mostly it will scoop you in to the book. Full of great adventures. Some great creatures. Awesome book to get scooped in!"

-Esthela (Age 8)

"This book swooped me up on the wings of a griffon and wouldn't let me go. The characters are so intricate I felt like I was alongside them. The plot kept me on my toes the whole time, with plenty of good twists and turns. A great read for anyone looking for an awesome book."
-Katie (Age 13)

"I could not see anything coming. The characters made me feel like I was in the story . All I think about is the story. I love how the author described the characters and how he described the setting."

-Rion (Age 8)

"I loved The Wishing World. I liked how the pace was fast, and all the twists were surprising and I didn't see them coming. The characters were lovable, and it was very fun to see what they would do next. I love it."
-Peri (Age 12)
“You can never stop reading The Wishing World. It actually feels like I am walking with the characters. I love it."

-Nathan (Age 8)

"This book was very fun. I love the fast pace, and it is very easy to relate to the characters. The twists were fun and hard to see coming. It was nice to feel like you were in the story with the characters. It was very well written. Love it. :)”
-Eva (Age 12)

“I loved that there was some tight twists. That made me feel like I was in the story. Because the words were detailed."

-Michael (Age 8)

"I really enjoyed reading The Wishing World. The characters all seemed very complete and planned out, but I still couldn't see everything coming. It is a very interesting story with many twists and turns, and I love it.”
-Amelia (Age 12)

“I think it was the best book because I liked all of the characters and it was so interesting and it sucks me in to the book and I like the end."

-Blake (Age 9)

"I loved reading The Wishing World. I really liked how it made you want to read more after every chapter. I also really liked how the characters each had their own very unique personalities, it made the book that much more fun to read.”
-Maya (Age 12)

"This book was so good because it felt like it came to life. I can see the story in my mind."

-Jaiden (Age 9)

"I love this book. After I read it I went to bed dreaming about it. It was exciting. I never knew what was going to happen next."

-Carter (Age 8)

"I LOVE (!) this book. Todd Fahnestock, it is so so so cool. You are such a good writer. Love it."

-Analee (9)

"The Wishing World was amazing. I could see all of the characters in my head, but was sad but I still LOVE The Wishing World. It is awesome. I could even see the spelling bee.

-Shyla Kai (Age 8)

"I liked their powers. And surprising things happened. And I liked the expressions and their thoughts."

-Brenner (Age 8)

"I liked this book so much. You never know what will happen next. I love it."

-JD (Age 8)

"It was really detailed. And I can picture the story in my mind, even when there was no pictures."

-Natalie (Age 9)

"This book right away got my attention. It felt like I was in the book and one of the characters. They are so amazing and wild. Look for The Wishing World."

-Angelina (Age 9)

"I did four and a half stars because it was sad, and I felt sad when Gruffy got bitten by the hissing cockroaches. I liked how it was interesting and funny a little bit."

-Avy (Age 8)

"The characters are interesting and so cool. I loved the book so much."

-Austin (Age 8)

"I absolutely loved this book because all the characters in the story came alive."

-Madison (Age 9)

"I think it was awesome! I really love it!"

-Evan (Age 8)

"I liked the details and all of the other good things."

-Trenton (Age 8)

"When Ms. Brown read The Wishing World, I could see Lorelei, Gruffy, the Grimrok, and Jimmy."

-Alastair (Age 8)

"The book is the best book I've read."

-Maggy (Age 8)

Reviews by Elementary School and Middle School Students​


​​​​"Lorelei is awesome. She faces all situations as she discovers her powers and along the way meets many new friends, who help her.
This book is a great flight of fantasy, so original and fresh. It’s a joy to read for readers of all ages

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Imaginary Reads

​​​​"The Wishing World is an imaginative MG fantasy that invites readers to envision magical worlds, fantastic creatures, and the power of dreams to open new possibilities. Reading this book, I relived the nostalgia of my childhood days when my brother and I would create new worlds together. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy a good fantasy with a strong brother-sister relationship. This book would be the perfect bedtime story for a family to share together :)"

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This Kid Reviews Books

​​​​"This is definitely a book that you wish you could take place in. The Wishing World within the book is amazing. The characters are ones you can sympathize with, especially Lorelei. ...the pace is spot on for a middle grade audience..."

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Good Reads With Ronna

​​​​"Tweens who love action, adventure and fantasy will find that Fahnestock’s new novel successfully combines all three elements, key ingredients of a page turning read."

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A Fort Made of Books

​​"The magic is fabulous; the emotional conflicts are powerful; the climax is breathtaking; and the whole concept is strange, captivating, and new. The voice of Lorelei's narrative is engaging and original, with a couple catch-phrases that pull the book together in a unity of style."

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