Todd Fahnestock

Imaginary Reads

​​​​"The Wishing World is an imaginative MG fantasy that invites readers to envision magical worlds, fantastic creatures, and the power of dreams to open new possibilities. Reading this book, I relived the nostalgia of my childhood days when my brother and I would create new worlds together. I recommend this book for readers who enjoy a good fantasy with a strong brother-sister relationship. This book would be the perfect bedtime story for a family to share together :)"

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Satisfaction for Insatiable Readers

​​​​"It was one fascinating rush of a read! Filled with all the magical characters you can stand, and capturing so much within its words while leaving mountains still left to explore."

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"It's fun, it's fast-paced, it's inventive, it's amusing, and it's well worth reading even if you're not middle-grade! I look forward to Todd Fahnestock's next work with warm anticipation!"
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This Kid Reviews Books

​​​​"This is definitely a book that you wish you could take place in. The Wishing World within the book is amazing. The characters are ones you can sympathize with, especially Lorelei. ...the pace is spot on for a middle grade audience..."

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the wishing world - reviews

Taking It One Book at a Time

​​"The Wishing World made me feel young and carefree again. It took my imagination to places it hasn't been in years. Every page was a twist in the adventure and it didn't stop until the end."

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Books Are Love

​​​​"A great entertaining and imaginative story that will have you laugh and smile your way to the end which comes to quickly.

I look forward to getting this for my niece and having her be entertained and taken to a new exciting world."
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Good Reads With Ronna

​​​​"Tweens who love action, adventure and fantasy will find that Fahnestock’s new novel successfully combines all three elements, key ingredients of a page turning read."

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Mama Reads Blog

​​​​"A world of secrets and sacrifices, growth and truth, this is not a journey one may take lightly, but it will remain with (readers) forevermore.  I will absolutely be adding this to our daughter’s library right alongside some other fantastic adventure novels with talking beasts and brave young women."

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Smack Dab in the Middle

​​​​"I instantly fell in love. This imaginative, addictive story is sure to sweep your young reader off his or her feet. (And if you decide to make this one a family read-aloud, I guarantee you'll be swept away, too...)"

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A Fort Made of Books

​​"The magic is fabulous; the emotional conflicts are powerful; the climax is breathtaking; and the whole concept is strange, captivating, and new. The voice of Lorelei's narrative is engaging and original, with a couple catch-phrases that pull the book together in a unity of style."

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Sabrina's Paranormal Palace

​​​​"I read this book in one sitting as I just needed to know what was going to happen next. There isn't one thing I could find wrong with this book and my niece who is 8 has just started reading it and is loving it also. I highly recommend this book."

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​​​​"Lorelei is awesome. She faces all situations as she discovers her powers and along the way meets many new friends, who help her.
This book is a great flight of fantasy, so original and fresh. It’s a joy to read for readers of all ages

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She Dreams in Fiction

​​"The Wishing World is a fantastic ride that is sure to capture the hearts and imaginations of readers young and old with its wondrous creatures, lush landscapes, brave heroine, and magical spirit!"

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