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Todd Fahnestock


A young boy, his village devastated by a plague brought on by the Cataclysm, is accompanied by a rogue knight who has lost his sister to marauders. Together, they go on a quest to ask the gods why they have forsaken Krynn.


An earnest minstrel in search of great deeds follows a charismatic swordsman as he rids the local village of a "dragon". The minstrel soon learns that not all stories of heroism are as true as one might hope.


(or the many brides of prince charming):

Prince Charming or Evil King Chuck, as he came to be known  was hardly the merciless and maniacal madman most would like to believe. But three failed marriages to beautiful princesses with singing pets, spendthrift fairy relatives, and penchants for bringing sharp weapons to bed is enough to make anyone cynical about love.