Todd Fahnestock © 2014 | All Rights Reserved

Book 2: The GodSpill

A quest to save friends. The rise of a blood-thirsty god. The shocking price of magic. 

Mirolah and Medophae embark on a quest to find her lost mentor, but the GodSpill, newly restored to Amarion, hungers for Mirolah’s soul. 

In Teni'sia, the king’s brother Mershayn strives to keep the new king alive in an unstable court, but his own character flaws may be more damning even than the power hungry lords who vie for the throne. 

Rising in the north, the dragon god decrees that all humans must die. If Mirolah, Wildmane, and Mershayn cannot overcome their personal challenges to stop the bloodthirsty god, he will bathe the human lands in fire.